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On Thursday nights after work around 5’ish, I often head over to The Bauer Kitchen for a drink with an eclectic and dynamic social group of interesting people.  Cinq à sept (Québécois for “five to seven”) in its KW manifestation, is the brain-child of our very own Hilary Abel of RQ Magazine.  I dug up evidence of the first meetup on RQ, dated Jan 2010, so 5à7 (or CaS, or #cinqasept) is well into its second year of social success.

At #cinqasept, I’ve met: an artist, a doctor, a student, a train conductor, a photographer, a singer, a musician, a real estate agent, a graphic designer, a brand specialist, a software developer, a politician, a yoga instructor, an architect,…  you get the idea.

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People usually roll in around 5:30pm and head out by 7:30pm.  It’s never the same crowd twice.  I’ve been there when the crowd was as small as 2 and as big as 20.  I kind of like the uncertainty of it.  No invite required.  Just show up and introduce yourself.

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It starts off small early on.  Bryan Izzard, left, with Alex Williams, Ben Brown, and Dave White.  This stand-up bar, right inside the door, is…

cinqasept 094

reserved for us to mill around, in front of this…

cinqasept 026

awesome bar, where…

cinqasept 006

Kim pulls…

cinqasept 011

beer for us.

cinqasept 062

Hilary Abel, our fearless leader arrived with the red-shirted Paul McGough of the band Vacuity.

cinqasept 027

The Bauer Kitchen is a really funky place at a great central location.  This cork wall features corks, adorned by customers, from the bottles of wine consumed here.

cinqasept 032

Great light in…

cinqasept 033


cinqasept 048

Lisa MacDonald of The Sign Depot stopped by for a quick hello.

cinqasept 040

More chatting…

cinqasept 035

Through that window lies the brick oven that makes great pizza.

cinqasept 051

Floor lights: great details abound.

cinqasept 067

There’s the fast-moving Christian on the right who is another of our favourite servers here.

cinqasept 068

These are on the bar because…

cinqasept 113

TBK generously provides complimentary snacks for our crew if we draw a big enough crowd.

cinqasept 076

Amy Vandenberg (centre) of CuteGecko dropped in, and we then discovered that Paul (left)…

cinqasept 077

may be an undercover male model, which made us all…

cinqasept 078


cinqasept 079

Second round, seldom more.

cinqasept 088

Alex wanted a picture of…

cinqasept 090

these unique lights.

cinqasept 099

Also in the house was Neal Moogk-Soulis (left), writer and co-conspirator on the amazing Steel Rails event last year (you may recall him in the conductor’s uniform).  Neal’s the Community Relations and Retail Sales Manager for the Waterloo Central Railway.

cinqasept 103

What is H. trying to tell me here?

cinqasept 120

Steve Scott, fellow security guy from RIM, chattin’ with H and…

cinqasept 132

Dave White.

cinqasept 138

Janette along with Evan Thor were talking to…

cinqasept 142

Ramy Nassar (left).

cinqasept 135

And then we peak and go on to our other stuff of the evening.  I’m often asked how do you know if cinq à sept is “on” this week.  I suggest searching the #cinqasept hashtag on twitter and see what the buzz is.  Then make the leap to meet some really cool new people.

Happy making,


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7 Responses to Cinq à sept–your KW social connection

  1. Alex W says:

    Great summary, Darin!

    And thanks for the pictures of the lights! I’ve had a thing for unique / vintage style light fixtures ever since we saw those awesome lights in that shop on Valencia, just before Maker Faire.

    Actually, I just love all the interior design at TBK. Have you seen the bathroom? It’s a masterpiece!

  2. Ben says:

    Always good times at #cinqasept! Awesome photo montage.

  3. H. says:

    I will now point people here when they ask me: WTF is Cinq à sept?

    Happy Making indeed.

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  5. A great event that helped me get entangled in all sorts of amazing things. Be brave and go.

  6. We are indeed lucky people.
    Great post D, see you shortly!


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