TEDxWaterloo 2011–in a word: fantastic!

TEDxWaterloo2011 073

This was a great event.  Met a ton of people and reconnected with lots of friends too.  I didn’t know if it was possible to top last year, but the team took it up 120%.  Venue was perfect, production quality was flawless, super food (go Steph!) and the speakers were top-notch.  Wow.

Bit of a break from the DSLR today because conversation was the priority, so kicked it with the P and S today, now featuring artistic blur.

TEDxWaterloo2011 001

Folks filtering in.  Happy I got there early and thanks to @CanvasNotHouses for dropping me off limo-style.  I heard parking got crazy.

TEDxWaterloo2011 004

As soon as I see wires and test gear, I’m in.

TEDxWaterloo2011 005

Martin Laforest (left) doing the good outreach for IQC.

TEDxWaterloo2011 007

My buddies, Jacqui Murphy and Kurt Wissent

TEDxWaterloo2011 008

and Christine Hamon, also a show organizer.

TEDxWaterloo2011 016

Some cool VR stuff.

TEDxWaterloo2011 018


TEDxWaterloo2011 021

Brendan at right.

TEDxWaterloo2011 020

Speaker trading cards.

TEDxWaterloo2011 030

The kwartzlab posse.

TEDxWaterloo2011 035

TEDxWaterloo2011 045

These seats are really comfortable.

TEDxWaterloo2011 049

The visuals were stunning, what with Christie Digital, Quarry, and other groups coming together to contribute.

TEDxWaterloo2011 051

Karl doing what Karl does: talkin’ to the people.

TEDxWaterloo2011 069

James and Jack also shooting pics.

TEDxWaterloo2011 065

MC1: Ramy Nassar.

TEDxWaterloo2011 075

MC2: Matt Gorbet.  And the our speakers…

TEDxWaterloo2011 081TEDxWaterloo2011 084

A word about these modular display cubes that were knit together on stage and displaying graphics and speaker names: sweet.

TEDxWaterloo2011 093TEDxWaterloo2011 091

TEDxWaterloo2011 095TEDxWaterloo2011 102

Miriah did a great talk on data visualization.  Great examples.

TEDxWaterloo2011 110

Playbook in action.

TEDxWaterloo2011 116TEDxWaterloo2011 117

TEDxWaterloo2011 140

You are…

TEDxWaterloo2011 143

dismissed for the first break.

TEDxWaterloo2011 144

Pretty easy to meet people at this density.

TEDxWaterloo2011 150


TEDxWaterloo2011 156

photography of JB.

TEDxWaterloo2011 157

I think that is pharmacy Masters graduate, Stephanie at left who I met later.

TEDxWaterloo2011 165

I think I see Melissa Tait here (1 o’clock from centre), who I met tonight.  She was shooting the show with some really nice Canon gear and, having stumbled on her website last night from a link on Ramy’s, I said hello.  Great talent.

TEDxWaterloo2011 170

Wandering people were making cool patterns below.

TEDxWaterloo2011 175

Dave Swart, centre?  I think.

TEDxWaterloo2011 179

My good friend, Roger Farwell at right, and Laurie Wonfor Nolan painting…

TEDxWaterloo2011 183

Ben Grossman rocking the tunes.

TEDxWaterloo2011 186

TEDxWaterloo2011 187

Sooo thirsty.  And then round 2 of speakers…

TEDxWaterloo2011 194TEDxWaterloo2011 195

Shelley raised some great questions around our Canadian identity.

TEDxWaterloo2011 196

TEDxWaterloo2011 197

TEDxWaterloo2011 203TEDxWaterloo2011 204

Colin’s talk had me laughing.  Place matters.

TEDxWaterloo2011 208TEDxWaterloo2011 210

Trained for 6 years, 3 sherpas killed, on climb to Everest.  I could listen to a French-Canadian accent all day.  Jean Francois is a great story-teller.

TEDxWaterloo2011 213TEDxWaterloo2011 216-2

TEDxWaterloo2011 217

And then…

TEDxWaterloo2011 218


TEDxWaterloo2011 220

experiment!  Amy Kraus Rosenthal, a great speaker from last year’s TEDxWaterloo and our very own Hilary Abel, skyped in from Palm Springs at a concurrent TED event.  Choppy transmission, but great to see these guys.

TEDxWaterloo2011 228

Wait!  And here’s Dan from TEDxToronto, too.

TEDxWaterloo2011 229

Laurie’s on a roll.

TEDxWaterloo2011 231

More Playbook: now in the lobby.  Having demo’d Playbook for 3 days at the RSA conference in San Fran 2 weeks ago, it was hard to not jump right in there.

Third and final round of speakers…

TEDxWaterloo2011 245TEDxWaterloo2011 242

Abby did a great job.  I would have melted at age 16 speaking in front of 900 people.

TEDxWaterloo2011 247TEDxWaterloo2011 250

Vicki schooled us to a new level of understanding tenacity.  Swimming for 4 hours with no headway.  And kept going.

TEDxWaterloo2011 260TEDxWaterloo2011 259

Dr Bondar had a real presence.  Consider the self-discipline required to achieve what she has done.   18 years of post-secondary education.   Blows your hair back.

TEDxWaterloo2011 268

And the engaging Edwin Outwater, with…

TEDxWaterloo2011 274


TEDxWaterloo2011 276

few (go Dave!)

TEDxWaterloo2011 277

friends.  The piece this string quartet played by Beethoven plugged right into me.  How have I not been to the symphony?

TEDxWaterloo2011 280

A million thank you’s wrapped up with the core organizing team on stage: Amy, Jennifer, Maria, Matt, and Ramy.

TEDxWaterloo2011 283

And what night is complete without Karl dashing out with a basket of apples in hand?

Happy making.


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10 Responses to TEDxWaterloo 2011–in a word: fantastic!

  1. Julia says:

    Great pics! Wonderful photo summary of the event!

  2. Bruce Wilson says:


    You’ve captured the day with words and pictures wonderfully. Thanks for the chat and for sharing these.


  3. Darin – did you mean Vicki swam for *48* hours straight? 🙂

    • dw says:

      Nope, that’s not what I meant. In the course of a 3-day swim, there where times when, due to weather and waves, Vicki would swim and make no forward progress. One of these periods lasted 4 hours.

      • Stephanie says:

        Oh right – I remember now. 🙂 (This is the problem with only listening on one ear, the other one stuck in a headset!) Great post and pictures. 🙂

  4. Beautifully covered. It was Thursday all over again, I was transported back in time.

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  7. JB says:

    Great recap, DW.

    I’ve posted my photos here: http://www.kwartzlab.ca/2011/03/tedxwaterloo-pictures/

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