Ron Daniels rocked Monetizing the Making–massive thanks!

Ron Daniels talk 084

Massive thanks to Ron Daniels for his talk “The Organic Entrepreneur” at kwartzlab tonight in the Monetizing the Making series (‘cause it went well, so let’s call it a series).  You really went above and beyond for us Ron with a great slide deck and lots of solid insights and advice combining the technical and business aspects.

Shouts to my helpers too: Ben cleaned the kitchen, Don/Bevan/Paul/? moving tables, EdM/Darcy/Andrew for extra chairs, Darcy for working the door, Rob/Mark for A/V, JB for additional pics, ______ who I missed, and the whole crew that helped reassemble the room afterward.  Much appreciated, guys.

Ron Daniels talk 013

Oh *yeah*, we got to see Ron’s killer planes, too.

Ron Daniels talk 001

Ron’s most trusted helper, Joey.  Thank you, sir!

Ron Daniels talk 005

The planes are like artwork.

Ron Daniels talk 108

Good crowd.

Ron Daniels talk 016


Ron Daniels talk 017


Ron Daniels talk 020

look fast standing still.  This guy will do 80 mph.  Fast.

Ron Daniels talk 023

From top left: wheel covers, engine cowling, carbon fibre landing gear struts.  All accessories that Ron has sold with his kits.

Ron Daniels talk 028

This Hawker Tempest is really something to see in person.

Ron Daniels talk 029

These guys look right at home in the lab.

Ron Daniels talk 044

This frame is covered with a heat-shrunk mylar skin.

Ron Daniels talk 054

And the attention to detail…

Ron Daniels talk 056


Ron Daniels talk 057


Ron Daniels talk 063


Ron Daniels talk 073

There was chatting too: Mr. Mackie and JB.

Ron Daniels talk 071

Visitor Kyle and Cedric.

Ron Daniels talk 076

I see Darcy at the door, Big John gesticulating, and Jon’s back.

Ron Daniels talk 077

Doors open to the public at kwartzlab, every Tuesday Open Night (TON), 7-10pm

Ron Daniels talk 106

This was a serious slide deck.

Ron Daniels talk 105

Ron Daniels talk 110

Ed Blanchard… as I live and breathe…

Ron Daniels talk 111

JB’s back, Ben, and Ian from Niche Decals, who rocked the Ignite Waterloo *and* TEDxWaterloo decals.  Great work and glad to meet you.

Ron Daniels talk 116

Mr. Eric Boyd and Jordie, all the way from the Big Smoke.  Hi guys.

Ron Daniels talk 140

Ron generously fielded a ton of questions from a very interested audience.

Ron Daniels talk 149

Hardest workin’ man at kwartzlab: Ben Brown.  Just sayin’.

Thanks for coming out for the talk.  If you liked it, tell two friends and drop a comment here for Ron.

Happy making,


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  1. JB says:

    Awesome pictures!

  2. An engaging and insightful evening. The events at Kwartlab never fail to deliver. Darin always captures the essence and the spirit of the event with his image packed coverage.

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