Heather Sinclair–our first CEO of the CEEO

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A super-exciting announcement early Thursday morning as Roger Farwell (left) and his team comprising the Creative Enterprise Enabling Organization (CEEO) welcomed Heather Sinclair as their first CEO.  This group is working double-time to support and extend the local creative ecosystem.  Welcome to the KW make-o-sphere, Heather!

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My very good friend, Hilary Abel is not only a greeter: she’s also on the CEEO inaugural board of directors.

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Right this way…

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Lots of familiar faces braved the remnants of that last snow storm for an 8am meetup.

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Ah, more camera envy for me today: hi Ramy Nassar.

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Bruce Gordon of Manulife Financial talks with Deborah Currie (right) from the Centre in the Square.

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Ready to roll… well, actually waiting for a few more people coping with the slow traffic.

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Fantastic view of the past from the windows of…

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 025

Waterloo Region Museum.  My first visit to this great building, which was designed in a combined effort by Moriyama & Teshima with The WalterFedy Partnership’s Roger Farwell.

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Martin De Groot in full chat.

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View of the future out the opposite end of the building.

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 037

Everyone picking up their name badges, including…

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 041

Jacqui Murphy of Art Allies (one of makebright’s favourite projects to work on buy local art!).

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Third from left is Stephen Preece of Wilfrid Laurier University.  Stephen’s got some awesome news related to our cultural fabric here, but I’m not sure I’m free to share it.  Having a pint with him at The Duke Friday afternoon to talk about how makebright can contribute.

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My buddies: Amy Vandenberg of CuteGecko and Hilary of RQMagazine and instigator of the awesome #cinqasept.

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Intensity!  Mr. Karl Allen-Muncey of CuteGecko.

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 052

Kurt Wissent (right) of Premier Homecare.

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More chatting to be done, but it’s time to roll…

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 069

Roger outlines CEEO’s mission and…

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 070

some of the amazing successes of…

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 076

our new CEO, Heather Sinclair.  There was a ton of support for Heather in the room.  Crackling with positive energy.  Heather’s first action is “to listen”.  I was fortunate to chat with Heather for a few minutes after she spoke to the media and she has a great personality and headspace for this job.

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 087

Also nice to chat with Anne Lukin of CTT and Jeff Henry of Waterloo Council, Ward 6.

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 089

Hello Tracey Suerich, our very own Waterloo Public Square Programmer.

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 091

Mr. Ken Seiling, Regional Chair was on hand, as was…

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 095

Reema Khalid (right), student and social guru.

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 108

More chatting: Brock Hart (right) of MFX Partners.

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 113

Terre Chartrand of Urbanely Urban blog, Gabrielle Clermont of Treehaus, and Sean Puckett, City of Kitchener, Artist in Residence.

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 116

Jacqui was talking with Dave Mansell of Maxwell’s Music House.

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 125

Fantastic effect.  Roger mentioned a number of interesting details about this building, its connection with the region, including use of reclaimed materials…

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 134

and perhaps…

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 136

most important, that this site was a

CEEO_CEO_Heather_Sinclair 141

crossroad.  Perfect for such an auspicious meeting as this.

Happy making,


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  1. cathy farwell says:

    Okay–you can quit your day job!

  2. Fantastic post, Darin. You have capture the event very well. Looking forward to reading more posts in the future!


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