Got BOX?–BOX artists exhibit at The Registry Theatre

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Some great pieces from six of last year’s BOX artists were hung in The Registry Theatre in Kitchener this past (chilly) Monday night.

Your remember the BOX10 show from last November, right?  Awesome venue + awesome art over on the Breithaupt Block.  BOX guru, Cathy Farwell, and her team connected with BOX’s charitable sponsor, The Registry Theatre, who have generously offered to give the artists an opportunity to show work for 6 weeks in the newly-refurbished [antechamber | foyer | lobby] of the theatre.  Doors will be open 1 hour before scheduled events so you can check out the art.  Lawrence McNaught, Director of Programming & Development, told me there are 37 booked dates through to May 15 (when the art comes down), so that’s lots of opportunity to see great acts and great art.  Check it out!

Cathy invited me to do a little storytellin’ around this year’s show, BOX11, and I’m happy to contribute with a few photos.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 002

My first trip ever…

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 003

To The Registry Theatre…

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 014

on Frederick St. at Weber in Kitchener.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 019

What a cool…

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 021


TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 024

Must be the right place.  It was pretty chilly and I was way early, so I wandered…

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 032TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 033TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 034TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 036

and found this tattered lung of a tarp exhaling and inhaling on Frederick.  But I digress.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 074

Lawrence rescued me from the cold, pointing out the unlocked back door.  I went inside to wait for Cathy and crew, and I met Liz again from the RMS photoshoot who was hard at work along with Marian Marshall of JM Drama in the basement.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 075

Cathy’s arrival coincided with Don Bourgeois, President of JM Drama, and Allan Hoch who did the amazing lighting for the BOX10 show.  JM Drama supports the performing arts in our region and manages The Registry Theatre.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 077

Don (right), with Cathy.  For anyone who has not worked on a big event, I can tell you that as soon as it’s over the planning starts almost immediately for next year’s show.  Enlisting help, connecting with sponsors, finding a venue, and on it goes.  It’s a good thing Cathy is uber-organized.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 088

Allan was working with this really cool track system for hanging work and lighting this area.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 111

These hooks go up into the track…

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 091

and these quick-release hooks can be slide up and down the hanging wire to position the work.  Slick.  The track also mounts and powers lighting modules.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 105

The work arrived…

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 132

wrapped like babies.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 144

Associated paperwork.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 148

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 149

Denise Strong, painter extraordinaire, worked with Allan to get the pieces in just the right places.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 151

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 183

Tools of the…

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 185


TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 193

To buy any of the work, just grab a card.

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 196

TheRegistryTheatre_and_BOX 167

And now I’m very curious to check out some events happening here, especially Open Ears, which runs April 27 to May 1.   That totally jives with my Maker Faire T.O. lo/hi-fi audio project, which is underway.  Stay “tuned”…

Happy making,


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