shift – Mark Walton’s show at The Button Factory

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Mark Walton’s great collection of photographs opened at The Button Factory tonight in Waterloo.  I met Mark at Jacqui Murphy’s Art Allies gig at The Communitech Hub a couple of weeks ago.  I really like what he’s doing around disappearing landscapes.  Check it out.

MarkWalton_photo_show 009

My first visit to The Button Factory on Regina Street, uptown.

MarkWalton_photo_show 013

In from the bitter cold…

MarkWalton_photo_show 015

to the warm inside to say hi to Mark and see more of his great work.

MarkWalton_photo_show 020

Lots of people…

MarkWalton_photo_show 021

out on a Friday…

MarkWalton_photo_show 026


MarkWalton_photo_show 033

their community.

MarkWalton_photo_show 035

Hey, music!  Good idea.

MarkWalton_photo_show 040

The “Empire – Ira Needles #1” piece got lots of attention.

MarkWalton_photo_show 039

Spring can’t be far away, right?  Very nice to visit with Mark’s wife, Lisa O’Connell, who is the Artistic Director of Pat the Dog Playwright Centre and her colleague Erica Robinson, Artistic Associate.  I’ve got some reading and another fieldtrip to do now to learn more about Pat the Dog.s

Congratulations on the show opening, Mark, and thanks for the invite.

MarkWalton_photo_show 045

Hey!  Lucky penny!  An auspicious beginning to the weekend.

Happy making,


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