Late Nights and Blue Collar Mornings–David Hoover’s amazing 1-night show

David_Hoover_art_show 019

With my laundry barely dry after a week in San Fran, I headed out to see David Hoover’s one-man-one-night show Saturday night at The Sign Depot in Kitchener.  I’m sure glad I did.  Dave’s got this awesomely fresh creativity, channelling his street art from walls to canvas (and skateboard decks and vinyl LP’s).  If you missed it, buy his work on Art Allies.

David_Hoover_art_show 002

I *love* non-traditional venues for shows.  Feels like the art comes to the people this way.

David_Hoover_art_show 004

Must be the right place…

David_Hoover_art_show 049

‘cause I find Dave inside.

I think it must have been two months ago that Lisa MacDonald (tireless Sign Depot promoter and blogger) put the word out on this show during a #cinqasept.  I was intrigued when I saw Dave’s work on his website and was really happy to see his connection with Art Allies.  I’ve got this strong internal commitment and marginally-formed plan to help Jacqui Murphy connect local artists with local collectors to establish a creative rainforest here, teeming with all forms of life.  So I figure that photoblogging some of these show openings helps spread the word.

After talking with Dave about his work at Art Allies+The Communitech Hub thing earlier this month, I knew I was coming to Dave’s solo show for sure.  If you go see an art show opening, talk to the artist.  Yeah, I know it sounds obvious, but… it’s not TV.

David_Hoover_art_show 009

Nice flow.  For those just catching up: Dave works at The Sign Depot during the day helping make some of the coolest signs in the region, and then by night he’s working on his art.  Hats off to The Sign Depot for supporting creative endeavours.

David_Hoover_art_show 012

I think this is new: paint on vinyl LP’s.  And *nailed* to the wall.  Nice.

David_Hoover_art_show 013

Oh, wow, dripping vinyl.

David_Hoover_art_show 015

That’s some serious cutting.  Jigsaw?  CNC mill?  Laser?

David_Hoover_art_show 016

Diverse range of sizes.  These are about 10”x10” (I should write this stuff down).

David_Hoover_art_show 017

From the I-see-art-everywhere dept.: juxtapose Dave’s work with the writing on the wall.

David_Hoover_art_show 023

It’s so cool to see partially-finished pieces, or tools of the work, or tests, or practice.  You don’t typically get this in a gallery.

David_Hoover_art_show 025

That’s what we like to see: “sold”

David_Hoover_art_show 029

This method of floating the work and the lighting worked well.  Pipes are hung from wires to the ceiling and then the work hangs on chain.   The clamp lights can be positioned accordingly.

David_Hoover_art_show 031

This representation of a GRT bus really works.  Click through the pic to see a slightly bigger version on flickr for the full effect.

David_Hoover_art_show 034

I liked how the dark silhouettes filtered into the space.

David_Hoover_art_show 041

Great layering here.

David_Hoover_art_show 043

Close-up on the “dripping” vinyl.  Sweet.

David_Hoover_art_show 037

Some of my favourite art shows have a towmotor in the shadows (yo BOX!)

David_Hoover_art_show 058

Medium-sized pieces.

David_Hoover_art_show 047

How the heck did I miss taking a pic of big square self-portrait on the right end?  You can see it on Art Allies, but only for a short while as I’m pretty sure it sold.

David_Hoover_art_show 060

These decks are sick.  I can’t imagine how much work went into them.  Nobody’s grindin’ on these.

David_Hoover_art_show 063

Artist and friends.

David_Hoover_art_show 068

David_Hoover_art_show 069

David_Hoover_art_show 072

Hope I can rent something like this from A-to-Z Rentals because these look super-handy.

David_Hoover_art_show 075

Skateboard deck close-up.

David_Hoover_art_show 079

It’s impossible to get an in-focus picture of Lisa (left), because she’s always on the move.  Hello, Deborah Currie (Dir. of Development, Centre in The Square)!

David_Hoover_art_show 078

David_Hoover_art_show 081

Jacqui Murphy, fearless leader of Art Allies, snaps a pic of the piece she bought.

David_Hoover_art_show 086

Bessie Schenk came by with James (is that right?)

David_Hoover_art_show 092

David_Hoover_art_show 093

David_Hoover_art_show 104

Show is underway, Dave is smiling.

David_Hoover_art_show 098

I love this one.

David_Hoover_art_show 111

Terre Chartrand (middle) of Urbanely Urban and John came by…

David_Hoover_art_show 114

as did Jennifer Gough of Minds Eye Studio Art, and…

David_Hoover_art_show 121

a steady stream of people even as I headed out around 9.

David_Hoover_art_show 123


David_Hoover_art_show 125

Ancillary benefit of art shows: chatting…

David_Hoover_art_show 128

Right, Gordon Hatt, Exec. Dir. of CAFKA? (left)

David_Hoover_art_show 054

Great work, Dave.  Congratulations.

Happy making,


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  3. Ian Pilon says:

    I’m glad that you told me you covered this night at kwartzlab, great photos as well. I was hoping to see some wicked after shots of dave’s show.
    Nice blog post Darin.

  4. great coverage!
    however the crowd was huge by the end of the night, almost a sold out show
    good show with a great vibe!
    good times:)

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