IgniteWaterloo #5 rocked

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 002

Hit up IgniteWaterloo tonight with…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 196

my brutha, Dave White, to…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 024

hear some talks, but first…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 013

showed up…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 004

early to get…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 017

good seats,…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 020

take some pics…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 025

of marshmallow sculpture (Melissa? is the cat in the cat hat making a sheep),…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 030

drink a beer (Bastow!), and say hi to some…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 033

friends (James, Andrew, Laura, Agnes, Ben).

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 034

The Hub is smaller than THEMUSEUM, where I saw my last Ignite a while back, but that made it easy to find find…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 039

our good friend and IgniteWaterloo + TEDxWaterloo organizer, Christine Hamon!

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 048

Speaker David Yoon talks with speaker Neal Moogk-Soulis.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 050

Looks like I’m not the only one with a camera.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 052

David Yoon on IT duty at the podium pre-show.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 062

Amy Vandenberg, and her fast moving co-gecko, Mr. Karl Allen-Muncey were chatting up, hmmm, is that Marty Finestone?

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 057

Bastow!  My D90 shootin’ brutha from another mutha.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 063

Karl chews the fat with Kurt Wissent.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 064

Bessie Schenk’s back, with friends.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 068

Holy smokes, Ramy’s back from Asia.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 071

More people, fewer empty seats.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 073

Ok, this marshmallow ferris wheel is pretty impressive (and won a prize I think).

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 077

Martin Laforest (left), of IQC fame.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 083

The place really filled up.  I heard they might have overbooked this flight, expecting (and then hoping for) a certain attrition rate.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 076

These people were guarding the cookies.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 114

Yay, for our co-M.C., Erica Waugh.  Great job!

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 095

Then it was jammin’.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 116

To standing-room-only.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 124

Phil Bast steadied the camera, and the talks began.  For the uninitiated, the format is a 5-minute talk with 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds.  A very challenging format (from my experience).  Up first:

  • Kevin Sutton – Slam Poetry
  • Neal Moogk-Soulis – Choo Choo Choose to Reuse
  • Ryan Consell – Making a Monster
  • Kirk Zurell – Suffr
  • Kyle Mackie – Cranially Endowed
  • Warren Spires – The KW Humane Society: A Centre of Animal Welfare Excellence
  • Sean Zister – Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Social Values
  • Matt Scobel – Ideas, Action and the Evils of Planning
  • Scott Chantler – The Genesis of Two Generals

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 121IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 139IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 141IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 147

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 142 

Live bloggin’ and tweetin’ abounding.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 154IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 157IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 163IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 167IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 169

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 171

Then a…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 178


IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 179


IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 201

Hello Gavin FitzPatrick (left).  Then next up:

  • Simone Panziera – The Beautiful UnBrandables
  • Susan Koswan – In Defense of Dandelions
  • David Yoon – Tequila
  • Andrew Coppolino – A Waterloo Region Eats Smorgasbord
  • Jason Dykstra – What the $#%@ is Mediation?
  • Robb Farago – 5 Days for the Homeless
  • Paul Carvalho – Congruent Software Testing
  • Karen Cecile – Fun With Demographics

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 212IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 213

Double pic for Simone for being a kick-ass maker in his Tavistock studio *and* having the guts to deliver a Sean Connery accent.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 217

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 218

Aside: I always liked these shoes Dave owns.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 223IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 225IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 230

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 233

Phil’s on the camera non-stop for hours.  That’s focus.

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 239IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 241IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 244

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 253

Then Erica sent us…

IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 255


IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 256


IgniteWaterloo_Feb2011 257

way.  Many thanks to the people that make these events happen.  It’s not magic: it’s a helluva lot of work.  And thanks to the sponsors for contributing to the cultural fabric of our community.  This stuff makes KW a great place to be.

Please consider giving a talk: we get out of this what we put in.  I gave my talk at the first IgniteWaterloo, and it was a great challenge and a lot of fun.

Happy making,


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  2. Great shots, thanks for including a couple with us!


  3. David Yoon says:

    Love these shots! Thanks for taking the time to capture the evening’s festivities! Would you consider throwing a bunch up on the Ignite Waterloo Flickr group too?

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  5. Erica W says:

    Great recap & pics! Thanks for the nice words 🙂

  6. Holy Wow! thanks x 1000 Darin for dble pics. My favourite: the 1/2 empty, or 1/2 full, beer bottle acting as a place holder on the empty chair – did it manage to stay upright?

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