Woolfitt’s art supplies in Toronto

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I booked it over to Toronto this afternoon to pick up a mint Kijiji’d Nikon D90 (first DSLR! so expect better pics here… eventually), with my brother-from-the-very-same-mother, Dave White, riding shotgun.  Dave White needed supplies to build a canvas stretcher for some oil painting he’s doing, so we stopped at Woolfit’s Art Enterprises Inc. on Queen West.  This is a great store for makers…


Woolfits_Toronto 044

Woolfitt’s is kinda hard to miss as you’re driving west on Queen just before Dufferin.  Dorkbot Toronto happens out in this neighbourhood too in the basement of Interaccess over at Ossington and Queen.

Woolfits_Toronto 034

Dave White considered ready-made stretchers and the unlikelihood of fitting the giant one he wanted into my car.

Woolfits_Toronto 035

But they have all kinds of everything here…

Woolfits_Toronto 038

including canvas by the foot…

Woolfits_Toronto 039

and much-more-transportable unassembled frame material.

Woolfits_Toronto 040

at which point I went wandering with my camera, always under the watchful eye of the security guard who couldn’t figure out why I was snapping pics.

Woolfits_Toronto 046

Woolfitt’s has all the appeal of a Staples, but more

Woolfits_Toronto 049

and bigger quantities…

Woolfits_Toronto 051

with that Queen West vibe.  Did you know you can purchase Staedtler plastic eraser crumbs by the bag?  Yeah, the stuff you whisk away off your work.  Who out there can tell me how that would be typically used?

Woolfits_Toronto 053

Hey Karl, I found this make-your-own-rubber-stamp material that is just begging to be milled via CNC.

Woolfits_Toronto 056

Not cheap, but one-off custom stamps would be cool.

Woolfits_Toronto 058

Apply some ink…

Woolfits_Toronto 057

roll out the paper, and we’re in business.

Woolfits_Toronto 059

Aaah, my old friend pour-on.  Cheaper at Michael’s with a 50% off coupon.  But more variety of size here. (and, yes, the Animeyes project will return from hibernation)

Woolfits_Toronto 074

Not candy canes.

Woolfits_Toronto 064

This black-core black foam board might mill pretty decently too.

Woolfits_Toronto 069

Dave White pays Travis.

Woolfits_Toronto 071

So long, guys.

Happy making,

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  1. We’re going to have to try making some stamps with the CNC router!

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