1shot #239-captive wagon wheel


You know how sometimes when parking your bicycle you forget to lock up more than just the wheel…

At Victoria and Oak, this is Kitchener.


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1shot #238-lawn tennis


At the Grand Porch Party a couple of weeks ago, I found more than one kind of string.

On Euclid Ave, this is Waterloo.


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1shot #237-CAT chillin’


As I was marveling at what must be the biggest excavator that could possibly fit on Charles Street, I saw the operator’s boots. He was chillin’, waiting for the guys down in the hole to do their thing. The juxtaposition (and I rarely use that word) of the relaxed feet with the awesome power of the machine was very compelling. There are images I cannot not shoot. This is one of them.

Again, at Charles and Gaukel, this is Kitchener.


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1shot #236-skate lane


I got my first board, probably in 1978. My mom took a whole crew of sunburnt cut-off-wearing boys out to Canadian Tire in Sarnia so Brohemus and I could join the neighbourhood in this new phenomenon.

On Charles Street in Kitchener: skate!


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Hub Haps #018-INGU ice cream hello

INGU ice cream at the Hub 099

Been a while since we had a Hub Haps post. Not for a lack of haps, mind you, but just for all the effort going into the whole other blog I’ve been filling with original content every day: Maker Expo!

Lots going on at the Communitech Hub, all the time, every day, and Friday was no different and especially tasty. INGU Solutions recently moved in as a tenant and said hello to everyone by serving up many gallons of Marble Slab ice cream complete with a counter full of toppings. at lunch. At left, on the scoop, is INGU’s CEO John van Pol. Beside him is Communitech’s Client Services Manager, Susan Brockhus-Strickler, doubling the ice cream delivery bandwidth.

Thanks for the ice cream and welcome to the neighbourhood.


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1shot #235-puttin’ the ION in construction


When construction isn’t preventing me from getting to a meeting on time, I love it.

After a great meeting with Dave Thomas from The Working Centre on Friday, walking back to my car on Joseph, I stopped for 20 minutes in front of the bus station to watch this loader/excavator combo.

On Charles Street, this is Kitchener.


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Open Ears this weekend

Open Ears - Supercollider at Communitech 230

Montreal’s Lori Freedman stretched our minds today at Communitech, collaborating in a performance piece with dancer Marc Boivin. My friend Ben Grossman from Guelph opened this Open Ears gig called Supercollider with his haunting hurdy gurdy. Composer James Harley was in the mix tweaking sounds. This kicks off a weekend of music and sound gigs called Between The Ears. Check out the Open Ears site for deets.

I’m excited to be pitching in some storytelling for Open Ears coming up in the next while.

Open Ears - Supercollider at Communitech 206

Summer Lights Festival is on Saturday in DTK where you’ll be able to catch more wicked sound and music and a whole lot more. I’ll be hanging with the Maker Expo posse at 179 King St W (the old Entertaining Elements) and signing people up for that on the spot, so drop by and say hello. I’ll be lending a hand to Agnes who is ready to get you making a cool LED-lit badge. Come early ‘cause when the 200 kits are gone, they’re gone. And I’m ducking out after 9:30pm to… yes, shoot some photos.

Leave the sofa, find the others.


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1shot #234-Jessie Treneer’s mid-day music in DTK

DTK 2015-06-11 lunch 003

Tony Reinhart and I headed out from the Hub to hit The Yeti for lunch today. Rolling by 305 we heard Jesse Treneer just getting into her first set. Sounded great and I’m going to (virtually) high-five Jesse for momentarily stepping away from the mic to help me get a good shot. All musicians: take note.

There’s Tony in the reflection waiting patiently. Other photographers make the best kind of friends for photographers, because they understand this stuttering way of walking down a street, stopping, shooting, walking, repeat.

In DTK, music made my day.


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The importance of brothers


Today is David G. White’s birthday. My brother from the very same mother. Brohemus, Brojie, and other variations not shareable in polite company. We’ve been rolling together for 45 years. This is a photo of us taken by our Dad at Lakeport State Park in Michigan where we spent most of summers. I can still remember how comfortable that old seat was out of Dad’s ‘52 Chev pickup. We played trucks in the dirt, built forts, go-karts, bow and arrows. Jumped ramps on our bikes. Swam in the lake and played baseball in the fields of Canatara Park. What we didn’t know back then was that life would be in equal parts incredibly complicated, challenging, difficult, wonderful, inspiring, rewarding, and awesome. Dave lives only 10 minutes away from me and Thursday is Bro Night. I am a rich man.


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1shot #233-sign sign everywhere a sign


Sing along… if you know the words.

From Victoria and Joseph, this is Kitchener.


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