1shot #165-some days all you see is the fence…

2014-04-16 Uptown Waterloo 012

But today I saw beautiful, impermanent lenses sparkling in the noon sun. This is the fence around the lot where ish & chips burned down on King St in uptown Waterloo.  Water must have dripped down from the adjacent building and froze here. The light-bending ice was as delightful as the negative spaces punching through to the empty lot.

The fence has absurdly enclosed the flat, featureless, gravel lot for the past year and a half, however today it made possible something really quite stunning.


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3rdThur Foto:RE photo review this week


Yep, it’s the 3rd Thursday again, and Jennifer King is running this Foto:RE gig at DVLB, 84 King Street N Waterloo, Thursday, April 17 at 7PM sharp. Beer, wine, whiskey, snacks, all for sale.

Like last time (though different venue this month to mix it up), you get 5 minutes to show and get honest and direct feedback on one (1) of your photos, and n*5 minutes to give feedback on the work of others. No lurking, all participating. Bring your work as a print, or on an iPad or laptop.  We don’t have a fancy projector and screen (yet), so showing up with your image on a USB key… won’t work.

The idea, well… my idea of this recurring gig is to get better as a photog.  Running open loop, without informed critical feedback leads to you unfairly hating all your work or unwisely loving all your work.  So, for example, some feedback I would expect to get on the photo above that I shot in Waterloo Public Square might include:

  • If you’re going to do symmetrical then really nail it.  You need to move about 5 inches to the right to line up between those notches
  • You might try to bump the exposure on the feet up a half stop so they’re really part of the composition
  • You went a bit nuts with the post-pro vignetting. Try backing that off to the corners more.
  • I can tell you’re taking a picture from the shadow, but it’s just not that interesting visually. When people stand straight up with minimal arm gestures, they just look like pylons to the camera.
  • Hmmm, a selfie, eh?
  • The three tiers of the photo is a good idea, like the diminishing size, but try it like this…

Ok, see you on Thursday. You can ping me if you have questions.


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Skaters gonna skate

Skaters 2014-04-11 064

If you want to see what perseverance looks like, look at skaters. They’ll work on a trick dozens of times before they nail it. Impressive. I connected with skaters Jimmy and Adam in Waterloo Public Square when there were some hard shadows that looked interesting.

I like this image of Jimmy in particular because I imagined him continuing to float up into the sky. Landing the trick really wouldn’t matter because, unexpectedly, he could fly.

This is Waterloo.

More pics on the other side

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More jam! Imbibe Open Jam style

Imbibe Open Jam - 2014-04-10 030

When Thursdays roll around, I’m really ready for fun.  And the confluence of Bro Night, great food, great beer, and Tessa “Bobessa” Elise’s rockin’ regular Open Jam at Imbibe make it my go-to destination.  Yes, I shot an iteration of this event only a month ago, but dammit this is such a fun intersection, and spring demands fun.  In fact, there was a sufficient amount of fun had to disrupt the usual makebright turnaround time of next-day for photos/blog post.  I blame my poor judgement and Stephen Preece.

Above, this dude was playing out front of Imbibe around dinner time and later inside.

Click through for a completely unnecessary number of photos and vague comments…

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Internet of Things Waterloo–first meet up

InternetOfThingsWaterloo_Apr2014 129

This is not a bomb, though considering it is embedded in a piece of hardshell luggage, you’d be hard pressed to find a TSA agent who would not freak out a bit upon seeing it.  This is, in fact, a prototype of “smart luggage” from the guys at CaseSensitive.ca as presented by Kal Sobel and Stephen Kraemer.  They gave the first of two talks at the first ever Internet of Things Waterloo meetup on Wednesday night, organized by my friend Ian Pilon.

Click through for more pics and musings

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Empty Fest 6 jams in Sarnia

Trinity Lounge - Apr 2014 - Sarnia-0013

You know what photographers do when they’re grieving?  That’s right: they shoot.

After an awesome tribute of a funeral service for my Pops in the morning, Friday night found me ready to snap out of my weeklong hiatus from shooting.  Pop, the original photographer, always offered the same advice on photography when shown my work: keep going.

My cousin Kari had mentioned that her son Kraig’s band Substream was opening downtown at 10pm if we wanted to get out.  When I heard the show was at the former Cheri Champagne’s strip bar of my youth… well, that clinched it.  Off to the Trinity Lounge in downtown Sarnia went Brohemus and I…

(above: Sebastian Shinwell of The Holy Gasp out of TO)

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1shot #164-stop all the clocks


Duncan McLean White, 1942-06-17 to 2014-03-31
There’s a hole in the world where my Pop used to be.


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1shot #163-this hand held my hand


This hand held my hand on my way into the world. Now I hold this hand on its way out.
This one’s for my Pops.


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David G. White–new drawing series work-in-progress


David_G_White_drawing_series_Mar2014 (1)
Photo: David G. White

My very own brohemus, David G. White, has a new series of drawings underway that are awesome.  Here’s a work-in-progress glimpse of a fragment of where this one is at now.  Dave has a substantial background in drawing, having shown and sold his drawings at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition for a number of years and also sold pieces privately.  I love this graphite with coloured pencil mash-up.  Awesome effect.

I pleaded suggested that Dave stop where these figures above are now, but he assures me there is more to come.  I particularly like the mix of faces that are rendered with greater detail alongside the faces that look almost like kabuki masks.

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Pascal Dufaux at KSP – Part 1/2 – the reception

Pascal Dufaux - reception - CAFKA press event 094

I got down to the Kitchener Studio Project on Wednesday for the opening reception for Pascal Dufaux’s piece The Cosmos In Which We Live, Chapter II.  Pascal (left) gave a great talk to the assembled crowd on the concepts and motivation behind the piece.

You should definitely get there to see it, weekdays 4-6pm at 44 Gaukel St in Kitchener, running through to March 28.  Pascal, being the awesome dude that he is, said he could also be swayed to open it up at other hours that are perhaps more conducive to those of us with day jobs.  You can reach him here.

This whole gig, shepherded by CAFKA, was supported by a grant and gear from Christie Digital as part of their collaborative Artist In Residence program.  Since this intersection of art and technology is right at the sweet spot for makebright, it was great to meet Charles Fraresso, Senior Manager for Research and Innovation at Christie (thank you, Tony Reinhart).

I’ve put up a lot of photos because this piece totally resonates with the maker/photographer in me and because I want there to be a lot more of these collaborations with a lot more companies here.  And, as always, I want to get your feet on the street so you can see this work IRL.  Trust me: looking at photos of this piece, you’re missing the whole delightfully interactive and thought-provoking nature of it.  *You* complete this piece.

This post, part 1/2, is the reception and talk.  The follow-up, part 2/2, will show an extensive pre-show shoot I did with Pascal on Monday.

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